Multiculturalism - Case Study Example

As a part of the onset of postmodern thought, that objective, 'grand' narrative was rehashed. The sociologist Peter Berger, in his work on the sociology of knowledge, formulated a conception of the nation as an overlapping conglomeration of subjective perceptions, confined to a specific space.
Only a small part of the totality of human experiences is retained in consciousness. The experiences that are so retained become sedimented, that is, they congeal in recollection as recognizable and memorable entities. Unless such sedimentation took place the individual could not make sense of his biography. Intersubjective sedimentation also takes place when several individuals share a common biography, experiences of which become incorporated in a common stock of knowledge. (Berger 1966, p. 66)
And yet this has not been achieved without certain noticeable problems. Liberalism has ever sought to rationalise a given political space so that it may have a set of contiguous sign systems and a well-defined sense of national identity. Individual rights could be protected if all agreed to adhere to one political and cultural ethos. The emergence of 'group-differentiated rights' brought with it a major challenge to traditional liberalism.
Multiculturalist critics of liberalism have condemned difference-blind liberal laws as generally insufficien ...Show more


It is quite remarkable, given human history, that many Western countries today have as their established policy one of respecting group rights and group identities as expressed by individuals. Very often human communities have sought to root out differences, especially those which they feared or did not understand…
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