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Video-based Training

Online marketing will reach many target customers whilst requires small investment; research aims to confirm this.
The study will also encompass studying not only online retailing but also software or video vendors in high street to determine tactical avenues. Suitable pricing will also be determined in the study by doing pricing research and comparison with competitors.
Many are not fond in reading books and manual tutorials to how a software application is used. The breakthrough of multimedia technologies incorporation in most product package has divulged its potential as a substitute for the traditional technical training and for product training. Apparently, many agrees that learning with books, manuals and enrolling in a training centres are not effective and is expensive at times.
Trying video-based training had a fast pace of learning and affordable. Currently, video-based training is offered in American English speakers from some competitive companies in the U.S. Some native British do not thoroughly comprehend the diction of American speakers. Then, why not offer video-based training with British-English speakers or voice-overs
The research will do a review literature in video-based training of multimedia software U.K. market and measure its needs for implementation based on product analysis from competitors. ...
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Video-based training has been successful in the U.S. market and is yet to be explored in Britain. The research aims to discover the probability of CD and DVD-based software training titles could be adapted in the U.K. with British-English voice trainers or voice-over if priced affordably…
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