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Such kind of a situation is made possible by the fact that the policies adopted for prevention of discrimination often times display great discrepancy between practical employment and the theoretical practice. When confronted by such a situation, most employees opt to take on steps that may help them navigate around the problem yet the results of such situations may be translated as discriminatory. In any case, a great number of employers seek to employ the most suitable candidates for the positions that lay vacant and for the sake of performance, employers attempt to offer the best environment for their employees. The environment includes the physical as well as the social environments in which the employees can perform to their maximum best. With these considerations to make, the employer has to make careful selection of the most suitable individuals for their vacant positions. ...
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The United Kingdom legislation on the rights of all the workers, embedded in the Commission on Equality and Human Rights of the year 2006 has over time attempted to reduce the incidences of discrimination within the work place. In relation to this, most corporations or organizations whether public or private have adopted similar non discriminatory policies, in line with the policies put down by the employees' protection legislation to ensure that discrimination is eliminated within the workplace…
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