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The Effective Leader

Instead, one accomplishes prominence by leading the field with one's ideas. If one thinks of some of the most renowned people in the field of Effective education, one knows they got to their positions not by demonstrating high scores on examinations of knowledge of books on effective education, but by being leaders with their ideas about how to educate the effective.
Effectiveness in leadership is, in large part, a function of creativity in producing ideas, analytical intelligence in assessing the quality of these sort of ideas, practical intelligence in executing the ideas and convincing others to value and follow the ideas, and wisdom to ensure that the decisions and their execution are for the common good of all stakeholders.
Creativity, intelligence, and wisdom are not merely inborn. Even though these attributes may be partially heritable, heritability is distinct from modifiability. Leaders can develop their creativity, intelligence, and wisdom. Therefore, on the present view, one is not "born" an effective leader. ...
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When we identify individuals, particularly children, as Effective in one or more domains, we regularly concentrate on what they know about the domain (e.g., school achievement) and their aptitude to learn about that domain more speedily or more thoroughly than other individuals (e.g., school aptitudes)…
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