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Social Divisions in Britain - Essay Example

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Social Divisions in Britain

Except for primitive communism in which Neanderthal, Paleolithic, and Neolithic men existed, all societies are class societies thriving in social class continuum that relegate certain people according to class, gender, roles, and status. Further scrutiny of these occurrences has been surged by various social scientists, specifically taking Marxist stances in investigating them. This paper is particularly concerned with determining the effects of the intersection and interaction of these social divisions, particularly on the notion of gender and ethnicity in Britain.
Relationship between social classes and gender-based forms of stratification are important constructs in studying gender stratification in Britain, which, being a modem industrial society is specifically characterized with diverse gender-based division than pre-capitalist societies. In pre-capitalist societies in which the concept of patriarchy is very important in understanding power structures, modern industrial societies like Britain have a diverse form of gender-based divisions. ...
e. as housewife) or a subservient position (i. e. as a lesser wage earner within a family group) (Kilbourne et al., 1994). A derived class position, that is, a class position determined by the position of their partner or husband is how women have tended to be classified in the British stratification system.
Feminists have long challenged the popular assumption that the primary or the solely determinant of positions within a stratification system is economic class, but while economic class is important, gender inequalities need consideration in understanding the true nature of social stratification (Kilbourne et al. 1994). Similarly, the assumption that holds that the family group which acts as a primary units of analysis, where the status, power, and class of the subservient partner (female) is conveniently considered as statistically-equivalent to the dominant partner, has been challenged vis--vis the consideration of gender inequalities as a basis of social stratification (Grusky 2001). Many feminist writers have shown how both women and ethnic minorities in industrial societies like Britain have great commonalities in terms of their treatment (Esping-Andersen 1993). The argument that one may greatly consider is the extent to which the experience of being female and the experience of being black are two sides of the same coin, when one speaks of minority status groups (Grusky 2001). This parallel gives an interesting position sociologically, since the relation between gender and ethnicity has given a marked pattern of similarity in British society. Although class stratification still plays the dominant part in status continuum, gender stratification ...Show more


Social divisions are prevalent in Britain. It is always present in any society in different forms, even in post-industrial ones. The relationship between social class and gender-based forms of stratification is one of the first problems encountered when studying these divisions in modern industrial societies like Britain…
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Social Divisions in Britain essay example
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