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Labor supply theory

At the same time basic assumptions of labor supply also conveys that it depends to a great extent over demand, requirement of employees for the supply of labor and development of workforce. The main argument that she has developed through her research is that this general rule is not applicable in case of those Bangladeshi women who are working in the clothing industries of London. Most of the women work from their home sewing garments on contractual basis and finally supplying those to factories. In this way it cannot be said that development of any active workforce is occurring and at the same time the balance between labor and leisure that is one of the most important assumptions of the labor theories, is violated.
At the same time Kabeer, through her research paper has also argued that supply of women labor to the London garment industry is in strict contrast with the labor supply of their male counterparts. At the same time through such analysis Kabeer has also produced a touching socio-economic structure of the existing society and how the women despite their earnest intention to emerge as an integral part of the mainstream labor force fail to accomplish their objective. ...
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The neoclassical labor supply theory depends over two basic assumptions that time can be best utilized by the ways of labor and leisure. At the same time for each individual divides his/her total time in terms of hours that he/she will afford for labor and rest of the time for leisure…
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