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Film and Television Genre

The genre categories are broad enough to accommodate any film ever made. Film categories can never be precise and films tend to be crossbreeds or hybrids, this is to mean that a film has more than one genre that is overlapping.
Detective mystery film, they cannot be classified as main genre films because they are both thrillers and gangster films. Therefore they are classified according to their hibridity and not by specific genres.
From the above examples of hybrids we can conclude the present films are classified as hybrids, it is for the simple reason that they cannot be classified as specific genres. The genre classification has no closed boundaries because they are formed by certain sets of conventions and classification is based on recurring patterns. ...
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Genre is the division of a particular art according to a certain criteria; genres are formed by sets of conventions. They are vague categories with no fixed boundaries, Film genres are various forms of identification types, categories, classifications, and they are groups that are recurring which have similar and recognisable patterns.
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