Violence against Children in Northern Ireland

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Violence in the domestic scenario is a serious issues and that erupts practically every second somewhere in the world, in some ugly form or another. To call a person's behaviour violent is one, and to actually sustain that kind of behaviour in the face of all adversity is another.


Violence against children is a crime that must be prevented. It is something that cuts across elements like culture, race and ethnicity. It does not necessarily come from external sources or influences from cultures. It may come from emotional instabilities and broken marriages as well as the child's insecurities and communal disruptions. Furthermore, violence on children inevitably leaves indelible scars on their psyche.
In a society that has major stratification and emotional insecurity embedded into its very cultural fabric, it goes without saying that irregularities within the domestic sphere will be a given. As a society that has been in conflict since the 1920s, Northern Ireland almost has a legacy of violence attached to every walk of its life. In this case, domestic violence against children is a major irregularity that needs to be tackled. Therefore, it was imperative to choose this a subject of study to find out what is being done, can be done and is not being done. In this regard, it is imperative to trace the literature that supports the study of this subject.
To begin with, I have used sources like the UN and other agencies like Women's aid and the RUC reports to find the gaps in the existing policies and strategies aimed at these children. ...
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