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The best example given is with the child, who can see, recognize and enjoy the world which surrounds him, without the ability to say and name subjects and emotions. Our sense of seeing comes before we learn any words. This establishing seeing as the greatest and most powerful sense and determines our place in the surrounding world. What is why very often we find it difficult to express emotions, especially if we are surrounded by the natural environment (Berger, 1972). We are constantly struggling to appropriate what we see with the correct words we feel about that. So, we people have never settles a proper relationship between what we witness through our eyes and what we know through words about the world around (Berger, 1972). "It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world; we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that we are surrounded by it (Berger, p.7)."
social behaviour. Berger (1972) states that words play reduction role compared with the image. That is why in attempt to capture image in its most memorable way, in its purity and essence, people have rituals, some occur on a daily bases, others like traditions and saints days elude this role. ...
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Throughout the centuries people's behaviour changed and passed an evolution. Just like every other creature human beings have written, and unwritten social, moral, ethical norms about how to behave in public, at home, with strangers. Therefore, social evolution transformed and modified people's reactions and daily routine…
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