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Personal Code of Ethics

Model Rules have been modified according to the demands since then. Now the Model Rules deal with areas like the lawyer- client relationship, the lawyer as an advocate, the lawyer as counselor, public services, transaction with others, and upholding the integrity of the profession. The ethical issues which the criminal law may involve are behavior in the courtroom, conflicts of interest, perjury, investigation efforts, use of media, discovery and sharing of the evidence, use of immunity, plea bargaining and relationship with attorneys of the opposite party. Although all the law schools, today, have the requirement of professional responsibility courses, morality and ethics are not taken to be seriously.
There is a special relationship between the lawyer and the client. Many lawyers think that they have professional duty to show loyalty to their clients. This loyalty makes them departed from their personal and individual decision making process. The lawyers are regarded as both the legal and moral agents of their client rather than only the legal agents. ...
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Every (1) profession involves a specialized form of knowledge and commitment to do social good. The definition of profession essentially includes in it the ethical standards. Being in a particular profession means that, the person should adhere to certain set of rules which are exclusive for those in the same profession…
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