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Essay example - The Planning Process in UK

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England is highly urbanized country. Almost 90 per cent of the population live in urban areas occupying only 8 per cent of the land. It plays an important role in the planning process. It is necessary to have a comprehensive planning system for creating sustainable communities…

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(Cullingworth, J. Barry 1994)
The planning system in UK is unique. National legislation is applicable to almost whole country and it is compulsory follow it. Local governments carry out land use and planning policies within the framework of the central legislation and policies. Central government departments have comprehensive controls over local government planning activities. Acts of parliament require local governments to submit proposals and development plans. It is the discretion of central government to accept, modify or even reject the plans. The Central government also has authority to control borrowing and other affairs of local authorities.
Control over land use planning is of various categories. Structure plans consist of policy statement of local authorities need to be approved by the Secretary of State. The Secretary has authority to modify or even reject the plans
The Structure plan is detailed operational plan of local authorities describing each aspect of proposed planning required for a particular area. These plans are prepared and adopted by local authorities after public inquiries and surveys.
The Secretary of State not only has power t ...
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