Urban Regeneration

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Urban landscape has been undergoing rapid transformation in the UK. Industrialization and commercialization of businesses accompanied by new construction techniques and materials have changed the way our buildings were built and the way they formed an implicit part of our urbanization.


Thus the quest for more urban space itself is responsible for disturbing the social, economic and cultural fabrics of many suburban area and Greenfield areas.
Population decentralization has seen a significant decline in the city population and urban migration to suburban rural areas. In Britain rigid conservation bodies protect rural heritage and limit development in Greenfield areas. Recent policy changes have restricted Greenfield development, planning new pressures upon regional and local planning authorities to create planning solutions to this growing problem and ensure there is an adequate supply of Brownfield land for development. This paper examines the evolution of the urban regeneration policy in Britain since the year 1977 through an in-depth literature review and concludes on its important aspects so as to arrive at clearer understanding of the overall situation. For illustrative purposes the paper explores the policy formation in he most important debate in urban regeneration i.e. Brownfield development.

With new restrictions on Greenfield development, government has now turned to the urban regeneration of Brownfield sites as the solution to satisfying growing demand due to changes in household and outer migration. For regeneration to be successful in the long term, the economic and social well being of the community must also be considered. ...
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