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Asian and Ethnic Minority Women in UK - Essay Example

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This project is a research into the issues behind the economic exclusion that black and ethnic minority women experience in UK organisations today. It also attempts to examine the diverse experiences and aspirations these people have in relation to their work, including barriers to progress…

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Asian and Ethnic Minority Women in UK

This paper looks at how racism, prejudice, suppression, and psychiatric diagnostic processes develop stress that leads to the onset or the persistence of mental illness in black women. While 'black' is a term associated with non-whites, the focus of the study here will be from the experiences of women from African-Caribbean origin.
The world that we live in is a mixture of the rich and poor, the strong and weak, the affluent and the down-trodden, and men and women. Women have never been given equal rights analogical to men. The rich and powerful countries still dominate the weaker and poor nations. The lives of the people in rich countries continue to be an illusion to those living in the poor countries. However, even in rich countries, certain section of society continues to live under constant threat and under-privileges. It's a fact that women, whether white or black or brown, continue to suffer from discrimination, but those belonging to ethnic minorities are worst hit. This is no different in the UK, where the face of racism rises above law to suppress any move to vindicate them.
The condition of the black and minority ethnic women remain appalling to such extents that represent the poorest, unhealthy, and least educated part of the society. ...
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