Global Media-Driven Youth Subculture

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This paper seeks to address the query, "what considerations should be foremost in our analyses of youth in the twenty-first century How do these differ from past research" In doing so, a brief overview of the presumptions on which this paper is based would be presented, followed by a recounting of relevant sociological theories of the past regarding youth culture.


In attempting to pinpoint these areas, I focus on the altering power that the communication medium, which is that of the internet, along with its accoutering entailments (i.e. blogging, podcasting, engaging in online discussions, video chatting, plain surfing). I then argue that there is a continuously forming youth internet culture, which is more perverse than theorists, who would highlight the empowering function of the internet for the youth, would like to believe.
This paper's focus on the internet is novel in the sense that it argues that activities borne by the medium have great socialising power and are responsible for dramatically changing youth identities and youth culture itself for the worse. On one level, the status of being rather nameless and faceless, or the anonymity that the internet lends to a youth, tends to give the same a feeling of being licensed to act in anyway he/she desires. On a more collective level, a multitude of youths subsequently feeling this way forms a new youth subculture of irresponsibility in the internet. On another level, there also exists a problem with giving too much personal information in the web. ...
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