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Social Work as a Product of Modernization

In the history of the development of the society, several social changes have already transformed the development of the social structure and their development course. In the past, some examples of social changes in the past are the use of contraception particularly birth control pills as related to the population and marital realm in the society, the electoral system development incorporating women as the result of the female suffragist's action for equality, and the acceptance of the concept of homosexuality in the social structure. At present, several social change issues are still influencing the social behavior of the human population especially that of the existence of Information and Technology within the system. This in turn, has caused their presence to become a significant factor in the present state of modernity of the social culture transforming the human society in becoming dependent upon technology for their daily needs and activities.
Modernization is mainly the concept in the field of social sciences describing the process of social development occurring through the system of urbanization, industrialization and other social changes th ...
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Social change is the termed used to describe a concept or an issue that affects the general society or the group of individuals sharing the same culture or values. Social change is often viewed in two aspects namely, its significant effect to the mentality and social concept and the range of the society it affects implying its sort of measurement nature…
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