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The author contends that terrorism is not a new phenomenon. Depending upon the definition one chooses to adopt terrorism can be traced back to Biblical times. As long as there have been oppressed people within our culture there has been terrorism. Years of systematic repression coupled with feelings of hopelessness and a sense of unfairness prove to be compelling qualitites which lure one to find their voice. As human nature tends to bring together people with like mindsets, views and beliefs, the dynamic process within the group can often elevate people to do as a group what they would never conceive of doing individually, the mob mentality, if you will. It is a sense of security and allows for a level of autonomy. However, there are those within the group that rise even above this level of security and commit the ultimate act - suicide terrorism. ...
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Ganor (2002) argues that, contrary to the belief held by many, in order to understand and effectively combat terrorism a definition of it becomes necessary. Opponents perceive that defining the word will give rise to 'loophole' within the international law system to allow countries to sponsor groups outright who can then legitimise their affiliation and align themselves with something other than the term 'terrorist'…
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