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Environmental Permitting Regulations

This led to the issues like less coordinated efforts to solve the environmental problems and increasing administrative overhead expenses. Also, it made the authorities to explore a regulatory regime for controlling all the environmental related activities and to integrate all their activities into a single frame work of environmental permitting. The significant change in this initiative is the integration of the systems being operated for licensing the waste management operations termed as Waste Management Licensing (WML) and Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) (DEFRA, 2008a).
The environment permit is the authorisation given to carry out the operation of any proposed facility based on the permission granted to the operator subject to various conditions. The permit shall be the sole document which shows all the details including a map, plan or other description of site showing geographical extend of the site of the facility which must include all the information related to the facility. The broad aim of this Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) mechanism is to initiate appropriate steps to ensure a controlled release of pollutants to land, water or air by installing the best available methods and devices (DEFRA, 2008c). ...
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The considerable amount of reconstruction activities resumed following the Second World War led to the emergence of large number of pollution norms, environmental acts and regularatory controls in an anticipation to the emergence of man made threats to the living systems…
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