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Case Study example - Social Security Law

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Case Study
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From time immemorial, various states and governments all over the world had adopted the pater familias principle that originated from ancient Roman law. Thus, states and governments had accepted and taken upon themselves the role or position as head of a household and as a "bonus pater familias" or good father of the family armed with "patria potestas" or patriarchal power or control…

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As the people's guardian, it felt obliged to take care of the weak, disabled, injured, the sick, the elderly and those undergoing personal crises. Everywhere else the concept of providing social security to all citizens badly in need of social benefits, as part of patria potestas had been designed.
The social security system in Bulgaria exemplifies how European Union states provide social assistance to its citizens. Social assistance is defined as "means-tested financial assistance, both in cash and in kind which is provided to individuals in need, meeting certain requirements" Pieters 2002,p.1). In Bulgaria, the state provides social insurance to its citizens who are too old or are incapacitated to work or those who died; health insurance, to the sick and to those
vulnerable to diseases as well as mothers giving birth; unemployment insurance; family benefits and social assistance which consists of long-term and day care social services for the elderly and mentally handicapped.
In Great Britain, the fourth of its national income is reserved for expenses on social security, health care and education. ...
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