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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept adopted by organisations which escorts them to participate in activities beneficial for the society. CSR enables the small and medium size organisations to engage in activities that constructively impact not only the customers and suppliers, but it works in those communities where even the interests of competitors, stakeholders and shareholders are protected.Practicing CSR enables the managerial procedures into practice and indicates a pluralistic society that maximises freedom of expression, action, and responsibility which in turn results in a widely diversified set of loyalties to many different causes and organisations and minimises the danger that any one leader of any one organisation will be left uncontrolled. All of these advantages and disadvantages, along with its structure and composition, are in part some of the cause for the differences in viewpoint on what social responsibility is, what it should be, what it should encompass, and what it should accomplish.CSR at one end indicates those who strongly believe that organisations are in business solely to produce goods and services that societies want, be they life-saving devices, legal advice, or atomic weapons and that they are entitled to make a profit in return. Such people do not consider social responsibility as an issue. At the other end, there are those who believe that organisations should be allowed to do business only if they do no harm, help solve social problems, and put some of the profits they earn back to work for society ...
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CSR enables the small and medium size organisations to engage in activities that constructively impact not only the customers and suppliers, but it works in those communities where even the interests of competitors, stakeholders and shareholders are protected…
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