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Essay example - Public Relations

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Nonprofit organizations have participated, and will persist to take part in, essential roles in almost all features of our lives. In the areas of healthiness and human services, support, and the arts, nonprofits are plentiful, and their donations to the well being of our nation can barely be showy…

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This results in increased efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in the funding process. Dialogue between the government and national, regional and local voluntary organizations across globe, has identified a range of impediments to good charity and funding practices. The impediments identified are those, which divert sector and government resources (time, money, effort) unnecessarily from the goal that community organizations and the government share, that is improving quality of life of humanity through effective collaboration on policy and program development and service delivery. The essay also contains communication theories that can be used as a vehicle for dialogue about needed change in the future between the government and the funding organizations. This will result in an on-going exchange of knowledge and ideas, which will lead to continuous improvement in funding practices, over time. People will know that they are achieving development in this region when the procedure of constant development, based on common values and sustained by on-going conversation, turns into commonplace. ...
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