Chinese Gay Cinema

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Cinema actually arrived in China from the West in the year 1986, and this was one year after the Lumiere brothers showed their films in a caf in Paris on December 28, 1895, a date which is generally considered as being the beginning of cinema in the world.


All of these films are predominant of contemporary Chinese gay cinema, and yet at the same time, they have each been influenced at least in some way by Western cinema. The aim of this paper is not only to discuss the issue of contemporary Chinese gay cinema and the impact and influence that it has on the country of China as well as on the Western world, but furthermore it is to discuss the different major directors who participate in this particular cinema forum, specifically speaking of director Ang Lee and of his most notorious film, Brokeback Mountain. In order for readers to be able to gain a proper and intelligent understanding on this issue overall, the previously noted points as well as any and all other key and related issues must be thoroughly addressed and discussed. This is what will be dissertated in the following.
Basically ever since its release in 1993, Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet has received a great deal of attention and incredibly wide acclaim from audiences and reviewers alike, and yet at the same time we see how a seemingly simple anecdote cited by Chr ...
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