Marriages in Muslim Families

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The main purpose of this research is to examine closely the issues associated with the marriages in Muslim community and how the western researches address this problem. The conditions of Muslim women after the forced marriage that took place in their community have been analyzed to find an amicable solution for this problem…


Relevant studies can attest to the relationship between religious conditions, marriage satisfaction as well as societal harmony.
Furthermore, the study intends to establish the relation that the presence of what may be described as "forced marriage" does not contribute much to the Muslim community. The study seeks to examine the role of religious leadership in the system of marriage and how they treat this issue for the protection of their religion
Part of this study involves a brief probe into what is called as the "Forced marriage" which is often observed in Muslim countries and communities. The study pursues to delve into factors that affect the forced marriage in Muslim community which does not protect the life of poor Muslim women and their future life in the same community.
Apart from this issue, the study attempts to assess the failure of government mechanism to tackle this issue seriously to provide a healthy marriage custom and relation to those needy Muslim women in Europe. A research survey is conducted for establishing the claim that forced marriage is not beneficial to the women in the Muslim community. It is presented to illustrate how the disregard of Muslim women's welfare by religion becomes a critical factor to their unrest. This would serve as an issue in point; a contributory factor in the volatile man - women relationship.
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Marriages in Muslim Families
Relevant studies can attest to the relationship between religious conditions, marriage satisfaction as well as societal harmony.…