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Risk Assessment at Work Risk assessment and Risk reduction

Since the need to manage the risk is essential for the successful management of the risk as well as provide furthermore, the research also revealed that the effectiveness of the staff members is affected since the policies and practices in paper for the organization are not deployed properly in the organization thus making it clear that the effectiveness of the employees in the organization is a critical element in the success of business for the organization.
The risk assessment has revealed that the organization lacks in providing adequate training and development opportunities for its operational staff. Alongside, it was also established that there is a communication gap between the managers and the operational staff members making it clear that the risk of stress among the staff is high due to lack of support from the line managers. The risk assessment also revealed that the lack of support from the line managers and the increased use of computers without appropriate training are the causes not only for stress but also musculoskeletal pain and increased absenteeism.
A risk reduction methodology using the appropriate measurement techniques is then presented where the organization is encouraged to measure the control of risk through quantifying the results of the risk reduction pl ...
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Risk management is the process of Risk assessment and risk reduction (or control) as argued by Tom Cox et al (2005). Employee stress and health and safety related issues pose a great threat to the sustainability of any organization. In order to effectively control this, it is treated as a risk within the organization and an analysis on the finance and human resource departments of the organization was conducted.
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