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Anti-abortion laws and maternal mortality in the US

History of abortion goes back in centuries; women were using various abortion techniques in the past (Potts, Diggory, and Peel 1977). Abortion was not banned in ancient societies, it was not considered illegal. However the perception of abortion has changed over the centuries. Abortion became one of the most controversial and debatable subjects in the modern society. Donald T. Critchlow (Critchlow 1996, 1) points out that abortion transformed into political issue since “reproduction rights became public policy.” There are various issues related to abortion: ethical, biological, religious and others. Those issues have transformed over the years and social understanding of them has changed. I believe that the most tragic subject of anti-abortion laws is the issue of maternal-mortality when performing illegal abortions. In this paper I will provide analysis of issues related to maternal mortality prior to the time when abortions were considered legal in the US, precisely the time period between 1800s – 1900s. Anti-abortion legislation in the US caused millions of deaths from illegal abortion and poor medical assistance. Abortion procedure is not something new, it has been known for ages. Women were doing abortions for long time and they will keep doing them even if it is considered illegal. The question is: what price society is ready to pay for this and how many more women have to die. Unfortunately there is no exact statistical data of how many women died during the anti-abortion era. ...
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History of abortion goes back in centuries; women were using various abortion techniques in the past (Potts, Diggory, and Peel 1977). Abortion was not banned in ancient societies, it was not considered illegal…
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