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The change of women’s status

A severe struggle of feminists has finally led to a change of a social status of women. Women turned into independent members of the society. Currently, woman is positioned as an independent individual, a dignified member of the society, a well-educated professional. This change is the result of mutual efforts of female writers, political and social activists, who expressed the ideas of all women. Moreover, it should be noted that women released their womanhood and turned into powerful and strong members of the society. From the historical prospect, it should be noted that centennial oppressing of women’s social development prevented human society from a speedy and effective development. Now, it is time for the international community to preserve and promote women’s status. Now every woman can make her own choice not paying attention for old stereotypes, which are not the obstacles any more. ...
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An evident upraise of a woman as an active participant of the society, a well-educated person, a person, who can earn money over fist proves the fact that a long and difficult struggle of feminists, which lasted for years was effective and essential. …
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