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human behavior in criminal justice organizations - Essay Example

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in this research "Human Behaviour in Criminal Justice"t will be described the most comprehensive meaning of human with a collection of the various human characteristics exhibited and are usually affected by societal facets like culture, authority, values and ethics. …

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human behavior in criminal justice organizations

The concept of cognitive dissonance theory posits that, there exist common predispositions among humans to acquire aspects of consistency in issues ascribed to their cognitive processes; this involves ideologies, beliefs as well as opinions.
In cases where such cognitive facets exhibit inconsistent characters i.e. between beliefs and attitudes; such as scenario is referred as dissonance.
There exist two varying factors that have a direct effect on the strength of dissonance, they are inclusive of; existing number of various dissonance beliefs as well as the pertinence attached to each specific belief. On the other hand, humans possess strategies by which they can apply to reduce dissonance. The first strategy encompasses alteration of the existing dissonance in a manner that reduces inconsistencies; secondly, dissonance may also be alleviated by a reduction of the importance ascribed to a specific or a number of dissonances. Consequently, dissonance may be alleviated by simply increasing the number of cognitive constants whose values outweigh the values ascribed to dissonance beliefs (Festinger 1964).
Research has also shown that dissonance is mostly experienced in scenarios where an individual may be faced with a challenge of making a choice between his/her actions and the existing inconsistent beliefs. Scenarios of greatest dissonance are usually experienced when a person is exposed to two equally attractive dissonances.
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