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Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church - Term Paper Example

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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church Sexuality has been a big issue in the society anywhere in the world as various misunderstandings, conflicts, stereotypes, discrimination, and abuses occur and how they affect the people directly or indirectly…

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Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

Some religions like Hinduism have positive outlooks on sexual acts while other religions like Christianity have negative connotations upon the concept. Despite of those negative connotations, some abuses still occur within the walls of a rigid system of religion. Catholic Church has been considered to be the roots of other Christian Churches and the one founded by Jesus Christ. Christianity expanded further as various conflicts and issues arose throughout the history of Catholic Church that made some of its proponents to build their own church separately from the system of the Catholic faith. A prominent figure who had done it was Martin Luther who served as the founder of the Protestant Church. He built it in response to the corruption that he had seen within the governing body of the Catholic Church specifically the priests and other proponents. When it comes to societal issues like sexuality which have been viewed by religious organizations as negative are also affected by the mass media in the proliferation of technology that allow people to broadcast the current events. The issues might also be sensationalized as people working in the media may have used some definitions with various meanings or ambiguity. The paper would explore a specific corruption seen in the Catholic Church and how it goes against the teachings of the Church regarding sexuality. ...
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