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The statistic for a sample usually corresponds in value to its counterpart parameter for the population, but there is typically a small discrepancy between them that is attributable to sampling error. 4. How difference between 2 samples may be due to the treatment tested, and how difference may be due to sampling error. The difference between the two samples would be attributed to the treatment being tested, for as long as the two samples are representative subsets of the same population, or that the samples possess the same attributes as each other and the population they represent. Assuming all other variables are held constant, then the discrepancy may be attributed to the treatment applied. On the other hand, where the samples were not representative of the same population, or if the possessed different attributes than the population and each other, then the discrepancy may be due to sampling error, because the two groups are not identical to each other. The material differences in their attributes introduce other variables than the treatment being tested, and therefore the results are not solely attributable to the treatment. 6. Goal of an experimental research study. Identify two elements necessary for an experiment to achieve its goal. ...
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2. Define population, sample, parameter and statistic; concepts of population and sample Population refers to the set of all individuals which the researcher wishes to study. Sample is the group of individuals which is a subset of the population who are selected for the study…
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