History of Google

Case Study
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With the advent of the computer technology and the arrival of the internet age, people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet for information. However, looking for a specific source -- the correct article, the appropriate text, or the right author can prove to be a difficult task.


Being the gateway to the web for more than hundreds of millions of people globally, Google can utilize using more than 100 languages (Vise, 2006). In fact, its brand has already been officially listed as a verb in the Webster's Dictionary (Vise, 2006). Indeed, Google is growing faster and bigger than its competitors.
Given the success that this search engine has achieved, it is only proper to make an analysis on its success story. This case study will trace the history on how the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created and developed their business, showing a detailed profile of each of them. Furthermore, this case study will present the history and background of the foundations as well as the technical developments of Google, and will analyse and evaluate its entrepreneurship strategies. In addition, this paper also aims to present and evaluate the different influential factors in the creation and development of the business, as well as the institutional suport from different sectors.
Born in Lansing, Michigan on March 23, 1973, Lawrence Edward Page got his genius genes from his father who was a professor of computer science and artificial intelligence, and his mother who was a computer programming teacher (Wikipedia, 2007).
His passion for computers began when he wa ...
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