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As a college of technology whose prime duty is to churn out highly qualified and skilled individuals into the labour market to meet the demands of various industries, working in various capacities, Nescot needs to brace up to the challenges present to it in the Information Technology and Communication based industries.


This scenario has led to the following problems that need to be addressed urgently:
The ITC companies look to colleges of technology such as Nescot to produce graduates with skills to handle additional areas such as internet based services, e-business with proficiency in design, content, multimedia and technical skills.
It is feared that if the trend is left as it is now, in a matter of two to three years, there will be a loss in GDP of about $200 billion and a further $100 billion in unpaid wages. As revealed by external investigation, it is an undebatable fact that human resource is a critical factor in ITC development policies. Lack of highly qualified staff constitutes a great set back to telecom development and quality service.
For Nescot to play her role in filling the vacuum of the shortage of skills in the ITC industry, the following important factors have to be looked into, i.e. finding out the strengths and weaknesses of NESCOT on the one hand and the opportunities and threats before her:
The strengths of NESCOT include its ability to introduce a new management to bring life into the school administration. This is a step in the right direction. It will most certainly rekindle the interest of its customers.
Another strength is the ability of NESCOT to diversify to areas where they can better utilize their experti ...
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