Impact of IT on Transport and Logistics

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The importance of transport systems has always been demand-led issue ever since its creation and its usage has given a rise to many aspects to be considered. With the passage of time communications and transportation networks have improved so dramatically over the last few decades, that even faraway regions and nations around the globe are now within the reach of a mere Internet connection.


Cook, Implementing Best Purchasing and Supply Management Practices, Lessons from Innovative Commercial Firms, Santa Monica, Calif.: RAND, DB334, 2002). As a result, companies have jumped into international markets and outsourced their manufacturing and procurement operations to cheaper overseas manufacturers and suppliers, while some have established subsidiaries around the world. (Why Integrated Transport Systems Thomas Andersson, Patrick Hasson Journal Title: OECD Observer. Volume: a. Issue: 211. 1998. Page Number: 27).
In this essay I have briefly discussed the concept of modern logistics as in the opinion of a customer as well as supplier, the era of third party logistics and the augmenting expectations of a customer on the way to logistics which escorts towards the introduction of new approaches like 'Service oriented architecture'. The case studies discussed includes the UPS solutions, FedEx and TNT in which one can see different variations due to the variety of networking technologies like Alcatel, Matrix and different wireless solutions in which a glance is there of the concerned management objectives. At some places I have added illustrations to make the topic more clear, interesting and understandable.
In modern logistics, the use of information technology systems is as common as f ...
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