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Gunshot Residue

The conclusion is in showing just how valuable of an asset these specific tests really are towards the outcome of numerous investigations from the past and in the present.
The materials that are found to make up gun powder residue and seemingly found to predominantly consist of a mixture including organic and non-organic substances are basically elemental metals, among other items. However, it has been determined by a number of forensic analysists that only the materials involving primarily metallic residues are the most applicable to be used in testing procedures (RML 2004). There are also specific types of metals found in the residue left behind by a gunshot that are more detrimental than others. These metals are found to be highly sensitive to forensic tests and consist of: lead, antimony, barium, and sometimes copper is another one of the metals that is attempted to be obtained as well. ...
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In the various forensic studies on determining the presence of gun powder residue, several tests can be chosen but only one will be specified to be used. This literature is involving a thorough discussion into the relevant studies utilized today. Also, there is inclusion as to how the evidence is gathered, how determination is reached in specifying the shooter, the time barrier that is encountered within gun residue studies, uniformed protocols, and much more pertinent information, to bring a better comprehension into the area of forensics when evaluating traces of gunpowder residue…
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