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E-register System

Students are in relation with the lecturer for the first time they enrol at the university or for the time the OCR system is out of order. The lecturer needs to manually enters the information in the system till issue gets resolved.
The lecturer also has a relation to the student as we stated above. The lecturer also checks the OCR system and has a control panel in e-register system to check the functionality of the OCR too. He or she, checks if the system registers students correctly.
The administrator, has more control over the system, he or she, enters the information that the OCR is unable to verify. For example, if a student is absent and it is stated in the system that he has been absent while the student or his family has called the administration to tell the reason, the correct info is entered and therefore it prevents the system to send a notification to the student or his family by mistake. Administrator has a full control over the things happen at the university , the users, computers and the OCR system. The e-register is uses a computer program the does the rest of the works, it calculates and processes the data and sends notifications if needed. ...
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Regarding the e-register, we will use a fingerprint checker which recognises the students by their fingerprints using an advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm. This system checks the time a student enters to the university and the time he/she leaves.
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