Interactive Virtual Tour Technology

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The report contains the research undertaken on Interactive Virtual Tour Technology, its current applications, the technologies that can be used by developers to create Virtual Tours, and the possible future applications it can be used for. Research was done using internet resources on tutorials, papers, articles and journals to compile a comprehensive overview of current development trends and methods, including a extensive reference list that can be used by future students and application designers to not only design and develop Interactive Virtual Tours but to expand on its current applications.


IVT's offer internet users the ability to sample facilities, places and products before they spend money, it also give people the ability to visit places they may never be able to.
IVT developers use several types of technologies in the development process of creating IVT's. This technologies range from cameras and computers to several VR software packages, depending on the requirements, quality and funds of the developer. The development process starts with taking several photographic images, to capture a 360 degree view of a location. These images are then digitized onto a computer, re-touched and colour graded with a photo editing software package. After which the images are stitched together to form a panorama of the location with a VT stitching software. Then the panorama is coded using a browser plug-in or a Java runtime engine to make it interactive, after which it is installed on the web for users to view.
The developer of IVT's face many challenges during the develop ...
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