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Earth Curvature and GPS Surveying

GPS is a tool that is used for the precise positioning of points. It operates through satellites which will send out signals to our receiver (this is the thing on the tripod). The receiver will transmit the signals to the data collector which will store the data. The data are downloaded into the computer, and the computer software determines from the data input the exact position of our point within a few millimetres
In the Traditional Total Station Surveying, the primary function of the field surveyor is to measure, do mapping, and observing. The most important tool for these purposes is the total station. It incorporates a distance meter for the measurement of distances and a theodolite for the measurement of angles done with one instrument. The total station system of measurement is sending a beam of infrared light towards a prism that is normally supported by either a tripod of a pole. The light will reflect off the prism directly back to the total station. Measuring the time it takes for the light to return, the total station would calculate the distance away that the prism is. ...
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The Global Positioning System is a satellite based system that was established and maintained by the Department of Defence. The usage of the system by civilians varies from navigation to mapping to highly accurate surveying(sub centimetre level accuracy). With the use of the dual frequency real time kinematic GPS equipment, differential GPS surveys that are fast are provided with efficiency and extreme accuracy without post processing.
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