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If users have any feedback on the prototype, that can be very well taken care in the final product without much cost added to the product.
Account processing system is the heart of financial transactions in any organisation. Diagram 1 A demonstrates the high level flow of existing account processing system at one of the production company.
The account payable department consists of 120 staff, who have the primary responsibility to ensure that the payments are credited on time after they receive the claims from vendors and subsequent matching with the purchase orders are done
The whole matching process at account payable department is manual and at times some claims take as long as 20 days to process and the 5% errors in matching process is quite frequent and is considered an acceptable norm
The organisation is considering to expand its operations and brainstorming at various levels has suggested that the account payable department is one of the major bottleneck in expanding its operations
The CIO of the company was asked to develop a new system to make the whole of the vendor claims process efficient. He was provided following business requirements and was asked to get back with the high level flow and design prototype to the prospective users. ...
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Prototyping in information systems (IS) development has recently shown increased benefits. The prototyping process execution ensures that users have are able to synergise with the design & development team of the project so that the designed system is consistent with those in use in their work…
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