HCI -Human computer interaction

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Ronald M. Baecker, Jonathan Grudin, William A. S. Buxton, Saul Greenberg (1995): Readings in human-computer interaction. Toward the Year 2000. 2. ed. Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco 1995 ISBN 1-558-60246-1 20
This paper will discuss about the various stages involved in evaluating a User Interface design (also known as UI) for a system that will be used by University RACs (Research Award Coordinators)…


The will basically coordinate and liaise with different teams in the college, in preparing the various topics for which they admit students for their research work, list of professors who are available to supervise the research work in various areas, communication and coordination between college and the students, scheduling Interview for the applicants. Once the student is admitted to read for a research work at college, the RACs also assist in setup for stay, and computer and other miscellaneous requirements that will help students in successfully completing their research work.
The UI design for the requirement discussed in the above passage calls for an intelligent, easy to use and a simple and user-friendly design, since the system will used by RACs who are not very much acquainted with the intricacies of Computers or software. They would rather prefer an interface that is non very intuitive.
Some of the key concepts that will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs are the task analysis, UI design techniques and their evaluation. Task analysis is the stage where the requirements of the system, from UI point of view will be explained in detail, analyzed, and the key criteria will be noted down. ...
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