Information Technology Infrastructure Library

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ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library which is a set of industry best practices for managing IT within organizations as a business. The origin of ITIL is from Office of Government of Commerce (OGC), UK - which is also the copyright owner for ITIL and all its terms and terminologies.


The core components of ITIL v3 best practices are 5 books, one for each of the service lifecycle stage. There are various ITIL related accredited qualifications for individuals such as ITIL foundation, ITIL practitioner, ITIL service manager, ITIL expert, etc. - each with a higher degree of expertise in the topic. Though ITIL is an IT best practices framework, it is NOT a standard based on which organizations can be certified. The certification standard which has been based on ITIL is ISO 20000. Thus, overall there are 5 lifecycle stages and 25 processes in ITIL v3. Following are the ITIL processes within the various service lifecycle stages -
The impact of ITIL on IT service levels is best described by the Service Level Management process within the Service Design lifecycle stage in ITIL v3. This contains best practices on how to go about planning for service levels, determine what service levels should be set as targets, how to track / report these service levels and most importantly how to maintain the targeted service levels.
The IT service levels are one of the key measures on which the performance of IT departments is perceived by the business users and management. Hence, it is imperative for the IT department to carefully set the service level targets and ensure that they are met and reported in time. ...
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