Online Booking System

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This is a report of a prototype Web application that uses the php programming language and the MySql database system to produce a website that allows a user to order, schedule, and pay for the rental of a limousine. The URL of the prototype website is


Legal issues, such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cancellations presented to the user on the footer menu on each page. Issues of contractual obligation and scheduling are dealt with in separate modules. Since this is a prototype application issues of error checking and input validation are not present in the application code.
Online commerce is of course one of the most important applications that can be developed for the World Wide Web. Across the globe even the smallest business can benefit from having an effective Web presence. In developing an online commerce application a developer faces a number of choices in deciding not only which platform to use, but also which programming tool and backend database system to use to implement any desired commercial application.
I chose to use for its implementation the open source programming language PHP and the free, but not open source, database management system my SQL. The use of these two tools for developing a commercial website for a small business offers many advantages over using a proprietary development platform such as the popular Microsoft environment .net and Microsoft's pervasive database management system SQL server. ...
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