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Information Risk Management

In the day to day life a person has to overcome various risks. He must be capable enough to handle them in an efficient manner. There are certain risks that are common to all the people in this world. The world has faced many risks out of which many have taken a toll on human lives.
Global connectivity has contributed to the risk factors and people are more prone to such risks. Communication plays a major role in today's world and it has also contributed to the increasing risks. The modern society is more prone to risk due to the invention of various products.
During the 17th and 18th centuries people were highly affected by the wars that arose between various countries. It had a serious influence on the people's lives and they had to struggle even to make their day to day living.
The influence of risk does not end with these technical and communicational levels. Instead it opens its wings in the natural calamities also. Natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, floods also pose serious risks to human lives. These natural disasters have increased when compared to the past. This is due to the biological changes and the increased levels of pollution and hazardous chemicals. Global warming is also one among the reasons for such risks. All these lead to deaths which make the existing situation worse. Apart from these risks financial risks have also been a part of this world. ...
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Risk has always been a part of everybody's life. People have faced risk in any one form or the other. Risks are generally classified into environmental risks, financial risks, industrial risks and health risks. People have always tried to safeguard themselves from these risks…
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