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Problems of Energy Use

With the discovery of oil reserves and natural gas the use of coal as a form of energy reduced dramatically from 80% to 30% in 1984 but the increase in energy consumption increased. It has been assumed that recorded that in the year 2000 energy usage will be ranging between 400,000 to 500, 000 petajoules with a projection that this usage would keep on increasing every year. (Andy, n.d.)
Energy is used by every sector of the society, transportation in the form of trains, airplanes and cars all consume energy. While the industrial sector consumes energy in the form of electricity used by heavy machines, then there are the commercial and residential sectors that consume energy in the forms of appliance usage. Thus it can be evaluated that energy consumption is a general process but the disadvantage of increased energy consumption is the by products released. An example of which can be pollution, these byproducts have been damaging the environment.
"A decade ago, it was conjecture. Now the future is unfolding before our eyes. Canada's Inuit see it in disappearing Arctic ice and permafrost. The shantytown dwellers of Latin America and Southern Asia see it in lethal storms and floods. ...
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It is true that human beings have achieved remarkable successes in the field of technology. Man has managed to invent technological miracles like computers and robots and it has opened the horizon of communication. Thus reducing distance and time gaps and making the world a global place instead of a world which was divided into countries and further divided into cities…
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