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Assignment example - Computer Network Principles

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This paper will discuss two designs for two computer networks, the first design will discuss the issues regarding a LAN design and the second one will discuss the routing design and necessary configurations.
The first scenario, discusses a small training business…

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In order to design or upgrade a computer network for business, we need to consider the goals for the network design and the possible problems that will exist in the network after the design is finished or the problems that already exists in the system. Network designer needs to cooperate with the client completely and find out their business and technical goals. For instance, the network designer should be aware of the new applications that client wants to place in the business environment. The designer needs to discover the amount of network availability which is needed to help the key sections of the business to be able to function correctly.
Most of the times, the network design is accomplished by identifying the structure of the business. For instance, the logical design of a network is based on the different departments which exist in the network. So, it is a good start to discover the structure of the departments in the company as it is accomplished in the current assignment:
"The business occupies a two-storey building and a small single storey supplementary building.The larger building has a business broadband connection using ADSL over ATM (PPPoA). The broadband connection has an 8Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. ...
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