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Earth Curvature and GPS Surveying Master

The application of GPS for control survey (geodetic survey) was the first civilian use of GPS which was well beyond that for which GPS was originally intended by its military designers.
Today, GPS surveying techniques have completely replaced the other technologies such as Doppler satellite positioning and EDM as well for the traditional first and lower order control surveys. The adoption of GPS is not restricted to control survey applications only. It is now being used for cadastral, topographical and engineering surveying. The constraints are being aggressively addressed by the manufacturers, and it is predicted that GPS will shortly be used by the majority of surveyors and geomatic engineers.
An important objective is to dispel the myths and incorrect perceptions of the capabilities and shortcomings of the technology. This is the result of people that are bewildered by the increasing GPS terminology. It is necessary to distinguish between the "GPS navigation" techniques based on the relatively imprecise pseudo-range observations and the GPS surveying techniques specifically developed for precise positioning applications. In addition to the specialist technology of GPS surveying, the sub categories of the conventional GPS surveying as well as the modern GPS surveying will be covered in these area. ...
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The global Positioning system (GPS) is a space based, microwave, a 24 hour, all-weather, global military navigation system design, that is deployed, financed and managed by the U.S military authorities. Since the declaration of operation of GPS in 1993, it already had an impact on the art and practice of the forms of positioning and navigation…
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