Utilizing Used Shipping Containers in Promoting. Flexible Space Use and Sustainable Design

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Utilizing Used Shipping Containers in Promoting
Every day, we are bombarded by the media with images of natural calamities, climate change, pollution, poverty, war, famine, and many other symptoms of social and environmental degradation.


Key findings from the focus groups included the following:

Legislation, policy, regulation, and even marketing messages have their particular roles in this fight for sustainable development. However, stewards of the built environment - architects, engineers, designers, planners, and builders - should take it upon themselves to make their own contribution.

The built environment is, perhaps, one of the most permanent, ubiquitous, and tangible influences in society, and yet, it is sorely underutilized in the sustainability campaign. Just as an example, a study shows that buildings and furnishings comprise about nine percent of the human carbon footprint ("What is a Carbon Footprint"). Therefore, to reduce this impact by even a small fraction should go a long way.

The main feature of this dissertation proposal is the use of recycled shipping container units as the basic block in creating new spaces, especially for communal residential purposes. This is a growing trend in many developed countries, because of an oversupply of discarded containers as a by-product of international trade.

It will also look into the integration of biodegradable, renewable, and environmentally friendly materials, functionalities, and systems into the design. ...
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