Hotel Reservation Management System

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Unified Modeling Language Diagrams are a series of diagrams used to fully represent an IT system. Different diagrams are used to represent the system in different viewpoints. The major UML diagrams are:
Use Case Diagram: This represents the system as a group of Actors and Use Cases.


A Hotel Reservation System is essentially a software program, to automate the entire vertical of Hotel Reservation from end to end. It starts with the customer placing a call or personally arriving at the front desk of the hotel, to successfully placing the order. It is evident that there are two interfaces to this system. One internal facing; relevant to hotel management activities such as Room Maintenance and the other is the external interface; relevant to the booking activities.
A Use Case diagram represents the Actors and their Use Cases. Actors in essence are all the external performers who interact with the system. Use Cases are all the actions performable by each Actor. The connector in between the Actor and his Use Cases are called associations. The Actors of the Hotel Reservation System and their Use Cases are listed below.
A Class Diagram represents the system in terms of classes of a system. Each class is a logical unit that has some attributes and performs some actions. The lists of classes for the Hotel Reservation System are:
Class diagrams also represent Interfaces. Interfaces are similar to a Class except for the fact that an Interface acts as a unit that assists the main classes in their operations. The interfaces for the Hotel Reservation System are:
A State Chart diagram represents the ...
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