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Case Study example - Analyse and discuss and in relation to Semiotic, Sociological, Marxist and Medium theory

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Case Study
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This paper is an analysis. It provides for an analysis of the website The analysis will be presented in the context of four different theories, Semiotic, Sociological, Marxist and Medium.
Semiotic has been described by Ford. Ford explains, "Semiotics and linguistics are properly viewed as neighboring points on a continuum of study, beginning with cosmology and passing through psychology and epistemology…

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The theory of semiotics is relevant when referring to any form of the media and is especially applicable in the form of electronic media. It is through using semiotics that the It contains information that is political and of world interest. In order to look at this information and form a comprehensive theory about what is read a semiotic approach to the information is necessary's The linguistics necessary for this theory to be applicable is especially relevant when looking at the information provided on this electronic form of media.
Perception is a major point when considering semiotic theory and when conducting this analysis. When I analyzed the website, I perceived what I saw as the truth. That was the first impression I got when I looked at the page. I perused the information posted on the page and I felt it was credible and accurate. In a sense you could say that when I analyzed the webpage using semiotics I felt I trusted the linguistics of what I saw. I also found it to be a comprehensive understanding. Another perception I got when I analyzed the page was one in the respect of order. ...
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