Leisure centre booking system

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This paper encompasses a discussion regarding a proposal for a booking and reservation system at a leisure centre. This project involves two major aspects in computing, which is Databases and web publishing. The Database will hold information about members of the leisure centre, and also hold a booking system for the faculties at the centre.


The Web section is where by a user can view the booking system via the Internet, and also make applications for membership. The proposal encompasses a booking reservation system to be utilized by the staff of the leisure centre. By providing, a database that encompassed database booking will assist the staff in providing better and more efficient service to the members of the leisure centre.
The centre will operate using the latest computerized operational systems and reporting. It will be able amongst other things to monitor and control, casual use, membership and bookings. (Lloyd 2005) The adopted system would be able to interface with the leisure center's recently launched Leisure Card. For purposes of this discussion, the leisure centre will be referred to as Leisure Centre X. The implementation of the booking system will utilize the latest technology that best suites the leisure centre industry.
The new booking system for the staff and members of Leisure Centre X will allow members to book up to 13 days in advance but must have their membership details to hand at the time of booking. (Lloyd) Non-members can book up to six days in advance and must make payment at the time of booking. ...
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