The History and Development of Television Essay

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Perhaps no other invention in history until the computer has been both hailed as the greatest boon to mankind and damned as the worst scourge of society as the television. When one considers that this absolutely essential component of modern life has been a commonplace in most homes for only half a century, the television takes on an even greater mythic quality.


And yet this device so vital to daily life remains a complete mystery to most people. While any elementary student can at least produce the more common mistaken identities of those who claim to have invented the light bulb or telephone, very few college professors could probably come up with even one of the many names attached to the invention of television.
In Boston, Massachusetts in 1875 a man named George Carey forwarded a theory that involved arranging a multitude of photoelectric cells arranged on panel; this was to become the very first tentative step toward the creation of modern day television.
The technology of the time made Carey's idea little more than a dream, however. An improvement over Carey's design was forwarded by Constantin Senlecq in 1881. This Frenchman proposed a system involving spinning switches located between the cell panels and lamps; turning at the same rate the consequence would the connection of each cell with the lamp. The result, according to Senlecq, was that the picture could be sent along just one wire, eliminating the needs for the thousands that Carey's idea would require. ...
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