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Internet is a network of networks of computers. Millions of these -big and small-are located in all nooks and corners of the world. These form the global information infrastructure (GII) which includes the web servers, global communication networks and the in numerable user terminals.


This has given birth to enormous industrial activity. Manufacturing and maintenance industry has been flourishing in the Internet era. These computers along with the latest media players should be capable of functioning in rural as well as urban environment with diametrically opposite extremes of temperature and poor quality power supply conditions. The communication systems have to use high technologies for fast transmission of enormous amount of data. Optical fibres of hundreds of thousands of kilometres are required to be laid around the earth's surface forming FLAG -Fibre optic Link Around Globe. On the other hand cellular mobile system requires modular cells to supplement the satellite based global communication system. These systems are providing Internet broadband connections that are resulting in the increase in download and upload speeds, just imagine a system with 2 MB link can do i.e., the customer can hear online streaming audio and view available online videos. The industry is also required to manufacture and supply those tiny cell terminals, which in addition to being cell phones, also provide the Internet browsing, or E-mail facility for the busy executive, who is always hard-pressed for time.
The Internet system also requires large number of knowledge workers. ...
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