Hospitality Industry and ITC

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Abstract: The topic has a goal to identify the Information Technology application in the hospitality industry. This report will cover various aspects of the application of IT in the industry, its advantage and other features.


The IT has brought the development to the hospitality industry.
1) Introduction: The hospitality sector is basically a sector with a wide framework consisting of various industries like hotels, pubs, travel and tourism etc. The hospitality sector is a very complex structure and very anonymously expanding industry. Thus the need to reduce this complexity and to have a flow of information and other facilities, the use of computer technology has been proved to be a major milestone in this industry. The computer technology now a day is termed as Information Technology (IT). The Information Communication Technology (ICT) may be taken as sub part of the IT.
2) IT its nature and relevance in hospitality industry: The Information Technology has an extensive use in hospitality industry today. It has brought the latest facilities to this industry. The IT has aided the new features of development to this industry. The service quality has also improved with the application of IT. Thus the customer is satisfied with this improvement and the productivity has also increased.
The condition 5 years ago has been enhanced a lot as the communication between the customer and the service provider. ...
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